Weigh Less to Feed More®


“Good news! It’s not about your weight! Whether you obsess about or neglect your body, you will get to the root of your unhealthy living. Find out what is really weighing you down. Weigh Less to Feed More® is a faith-based wellness program that teaches participants how to live healthy and whole lives in Christ so they may receive and give love well. Allow us to give you a new perspective…your weight-loss and body-image battle is not about your body or the calories you consume. At the root, it is about LOVE. Your ability to give and receive love has been fractured. By enrolling in a WL2FM class you will get to the root of your yo-yo dieting, on-the-treadmill-one-day-and-off-the-next, never-satisfied lifestyle. Sign up for our at-home Weigh Less to Feed More® plan and move beyond the scale and calorie counting game. Weigh Less to Feed More® is revolutionary and one-of-a-kind. It’s the only program that IS NOT going to tell you exactly what to eat and how to move. You can bet we are going to inform you of REAL, relevant, diet and fitness truths while challenging you to get outside your comfort zone. You will complete the program knowing YOUR fitness plan and YOUR nutrition plan for YOUR life and how they relate to the God who created YOU. He really loves you! It is His love and truth that will set you free! (John 8:31-32) Weigh Less to Feed More® is the ONLY weight-loss, fitness, and diet plan that promises real freedom for those who are willing to seek first the matters of God’s heart. (Matthew 6:33)” – from the Revelation Wellness® Weigh Less to Feed More® self-study at-home page.

As your Weigh Less to Feed More® facilitator, I will guide you through this faith-based wellness program written by Alisa Keeton.  You can watch this video to hear Alisa describe the program.  Here are your options in working with me and the Weigh Less to Feed More® materials:

  1. Healthy & Whole Lifestyle Program: I incorporate this faith-based wellness program within my personalized six month lifestyle program.
  2. One-on-One facilitation: I will pray and guide you through this 8 week study through 45 minute weekly calls or video chats.
  3. Group Facilitation: This is where community gathers and digs in together.  Through facilitation and group efforts, everyone get healthy & whole together.  This can be held online or in person for local friends/church communities.

E-mail me for more information at michellebrumgard(at)gmail.com.  Join my newsletter to stay in touch with updates on when I personally invite individuals to an online or local group session.


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